Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So I'm really bad at .....

taking pictures as I make something. We had to change all the locks in our house due to a breaking in issue. So we had to get new keys... if you look close there is one with Mickey himself on it.  But anyways back to what I did make, a new laynard for my keys.

I often find myself looking for my keys when it is time to go somewhere. Yes I have a basket that they go in but sometimes they don't always stay there. You would think I live with little kids that pick things up but no it is just my husband.
Some directions on how to make this easy inexpensive laynard.
1 Key Ring
1 Piece of fabric 31/2 inches by wof
2 strips of fusible interfacing 3 inches by wof

Iron your fusible to the wrong side of fabric, fold each end of the fabric in and press to make sure not to leave any raw edges showing. Once pressing is complete place right sides of the fabric together and sew a scant 1/4th inch seam down the side. Then comes the fun part turning it right side out.
During this time my husband asked me at least fifty times what I was doing and why I was doing it.

Once the fabric is turned right side out press wrinkles out and sew along all edges of the fabric allowing a finished look.

To place fabric on the key ring fold both edges together and place them through the key ring. Then sew to keep in place. I sewed over mine three times to make sure it won't fly off. I tend to stand around and twirl my keys and it could happen.

Hope you enjoy.
Next time I will take better pictures!

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