Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ladies Lead In

Have you ever been to a fair and seen very nice outfits made out of wool with ladies or gents wearing them? Of course they have lamb with them. This is what ties the whole thing together. A long time ago I use to do this even dressed up the lamb too! So JoAnn's had patterns on sale so I scooted out there and picked up two one for a jacket and another for a dress.
This is the dress I picked, I think it is adorable and would look good with my body style. I would like to do the print in the color of black wool and the trim in either the green, pink or printed wool below.  Pattern 5640 McCalls
The pattern I picked has two choices of jackets, I can not decide which one I like the best. I'm leaning towards the one with the smaller collar. If I choose to use this pattern I will do the large part in black and the other to correspond with the dress. Pattern 5424 Butterick

I'm in love with this green wool! In the race for the outfit I think it will be this one but we will see.

This Burgundy is also beautiful, although I'm not sure it is what I'm wanting.

This one I'm just not sure.......
The biggest thing is finding a sheep to use for the lead in!!!!
Please tell me what you think? other options? They prefer that most of the outfit be made of wool.

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