Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Getting Chilly Here!

With the weather changing it brings cold weather and maybe even snow for Halloween!!! Which also means snow for my birthday which kind of makes me smile really big. 

We have been busy around here lately with lots on the to do list! Just wanted to share some great things that have been completed before I forgot. 

 This is another 10 minute block quilt, as you can see when you place the blocks in the right place you can get huge colored blocks! The center blocks are waving flags from the Robert Kaufman line which I had purchased without a purpose. I will definitely have to make a second quilt like this one as it was donated to the 155th Battalion of the Ohio National Guard. 
Have I told you I'm going to school for photography? It is another one of my favorite creative things I can do. Up above you can see a picture of a barn that I had my sweetie stop so I could get the picture while on our way back from the Enon Apple Butter Festival. I have a thing for old barns and love to capture them in pictures, now I just have to find a way to display them all otherwise I would have walls full of barn pictures. 

This is a wildflower that was growing up a corn stalk before the corn was harvested. It had just rained as you can see the drops of rain that were still on the flower. This was my choice picture for one of the first classes. I can't wait to share more with everyone on what I have learned. I must say that I am in love with photography and what I can do with it. Now I am balancing my time between all my hobbies!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A funny story, at least to me

So we all had to learn how to sew at some point right? I started sewing when I was a wee little one at the side of my mother and grandmother. From there I went onto sew with 4-H, as a cloverbud they allowed us to do a special project where we did an applique on a t-shirt then made something to coordinate. For years afterwards I made multiple outfits from pj's to a prom gown. Anyways about six years ago I got a sister in law that had "a small amount" of sewing knowledge. She just delivered her third little boy and needed something to do in her spare time.  A few years ago probably four or five her and I both got the same sewing machine, mine was wore out within a year or so hers was still in the packing. When she decided to start sewing again she came over to our sewing studio and used our Janome Magnolia machines. After getting her first quilt done she felt confident enough to sew at home. She gathered all her growing stash and headed home, soon after I received a text asking the make and model of my sewing machine. Once I explained to her she needed to wait for Mom and I to go with her to get a new machine we was happy. After talking to her about what was wrong with her machine we found out NOTHING was wrong. It was the fact that my dear sister in law had gotten use to the start stop button on our machines and was unable to make her machine which requires a foot pedal to make it go. After hearing this I laughed for a good 15 minutes or so, then got thinking I wonder if I could use a foot pedal on my machine? Maybe I should dig it out of the storage and try it, but who am I kidding I could do better things than sort a whole bunch of stuff out. 

Yesterday at quilt guild we started a round robin strips and strings quilt. I had to cut 20 blocks and put two strips between 3/4 and 2 inches of fabric on them. From there they were all pressed open. I did finish the two blocks that either had to be done now or later. My blocks are done in some bright colors but it will be adorable after my 9 quilting buddies get done with it in 9 months. At guild yesterday there was this great book introduced 10 minute blocks by Suzanne McNeill. 

After studying the book all last night and half the day today I got out my last Moda layer cake. It seemed a lot easier than cutting more fabric since there were three of us sewing today in the studio. All I had to do was go to JoAnn Fabrics and get a border fabric that went with the Valentine's Day Line. Now the front of my quilt is done!!! It is by no means perfect but I gave it a try and now I know what areas I need to work on. This might become my new chair quilt aka one to cover up when it is cold in our house because it is now fall. 

I am debating on adding the triangle blocks to the center of the quilt. Means more studying of the book to find out what I have to take out to add them. But all and all it turned out pretty cute I think and it is for sure out of my color box!!! This quilt will also have to go into hiding from my sister in law because she thinks it is very cute. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Have you missed me?

Have you missed me? 

Things have been kinda crazy with Gertie (mom) but thankfully she is ok! And I've gotten back into crafting, yeah remember that thing I use to do when I had tons of extra time? Wanted to share some things with everyone. 

This quilt was made for a special soldiers birthday! 

The center of the quilt! 

I just completed a stain glass buckeye wall hanging for a friend that I went to school with. Her husband has cancer for the 5th time but this time it is inoperable. So for a donation I finished up a quilt much like this one. 

Around here at Farm Girl Designs we have been working on a website to sell items I have made. No one item is a like but I'm hoping it will be a great way to show case some of the unique items I have up for sale. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hand Stitching

So do you like to hand stitch? This is something that I keep to for my downtime. Lately I have been doing my hand embroidery by cheating. I buy these great Hot Iron Transfers packets. This one came from Hobby Lobby for $1.49 and actually has four different patterns in it.                              At Hobby Lobby and a few small quilt stores I have seen tons of designs of different stuff. Somewhere I was even able to pick up pigs, this was a big score for me as that is the best thing to collect.

This is what the pattern looks like once you take it out of the package. As you notice everything is backwards on the paper. Of course it is this way so that when you transfer it onto the fabric of your choice it is right.

Now don't get me wrong I know how to use the pattern with either 1) light colored fabric or 2) the lovely light pencil transfer. I have a great barn pattern that I need to do that with.

 So once you cut out what pattern you would like to stitch is looks much like this one right here.

In the directions it suggest that you "test" on your fabric to make sure everything will work out ok. Well I just go with the wing it method. I have never has trouble with it doing funny things to my fabric.

So you have your fabric cut and your ready to whip out the iron. Well guess what don't forget to pin your paper especially if it is a large item because IT WILL MOVE. I don't care how hard you try not to make it move but it happens. So as you can see in the bottom left hand corner you can see one of my pins.

I use the lift and move method and leave it one for about 45 to 60 seconds to make sure it gets transferred over to the fabric. I would hate to have to try and line it all back up again.

So once you have it ironed and remove your paper it will look something much like this. If you notice all of my flag didn't transfer over but I made do with it. I mean who really can't sew a straight line?

I picked a beautiful pink/maroon thread for this one. I usually pick out of my stash that I have laying around here. In the past I have done some to use up all the threat I have left over and they even look lovely.

 So once you are ready to stitch you place it in a hoop, you can use a plastic one or the old fashion wood ones like in this picture.

The most important thing to remember, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PROJECT IN THE HOOP WHEN NOT STITCHING.  Ok I'm guessing you got that!
I know what you are thinking, that isn't the pattern she has been showing us. Is this lady nuts? Well no I actually did this pattern to start, of course didn't take pictures so I had to start another to get some pictures. Now here is the catch, later this week I will have another post on how to do the stitching and you will be able to see the finish of these lovely Denim Dan's and the other one I have been showing you.
I will also be adding a few items that you can check out at Amazon that work well with Hot Iron Transfers. You can check them out on the right side of the screen.

Friday, February 10, 2012

We have gone to the dogs

Around here we are very found of dogs, I must say we have lots of different breeds but we have settled on our favorite. The Golden Retriever, this dog is great with young children and a true friend for life. In the fall I had asked to get a puppy and was told that I had to wait til spring. If you are from Ohio you know we have been experiencing spring like weather here (I used that to my benefit). I am a frequent Craigslist browser and often look at the pet section. Well I found some Golden Retriever puppies that needed to be re homed. I forwarded to Mom so she could check it out, the next morning I asked her about it and she suggested I call to find out the price because they are usually a very expensive dog. A phone call later I found out that they were only $250, a great deal for a pure breed golden. So she agreed that I could have a puppy BUT I had to have dad agree that I could have it. The day seem to take forever but at dinner I asked Gus (dad) if I could have a puppy. Of course the first answer was NO! I asked why not and he went on to give me a long winded reason why. So I finished dinner and went back to crafting. Then I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask another 50 billion times, in the end I think he got tired of me asking and said "well it is up to your mother". So the next morning I called on the way to the hospital for eye surgery, with some nice words I got the man to hold my puppy until Wednesday for pick up. I woke up at 8:45 which is way early for me got ready to go pick up the puppy.

So with out further  typing I introduce Maggie Mae, She was born on January 2.

She loves to chew on things as you can see. We are hoping that she turns darker golden as she grows older. Both of her parents are Red Golden.

Chewing some more, but hey what can I say. At least I know enough to use the bathroom outside instead of in the house. At five weeks I think that is pretty good.

This is my big sister Kylie, she isn't very sure of me. At first I thought that she was my mom not my sister, oops on my part.

I do like to run, you should see me in this white stuff that is falling outside right now. It is more like a slip and slide.

Maggie is a great addition to our doggie family here. She is making herself at home and doing a great job on using the potty outside. I must say at only 5 weeks old she is a pretty smart puppy.

If you get some time please stop by our friends blog at Primitive Blessings Vintage Gift Shop, She has some awesome one of kind items made my yours truly here at Farm Girl Designs. (our next post will highlight some of these items)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Do you bow tie?

I went before Christmas to visit a friend for reasons other than sewing but while I was there I asked about her bow ties. I had seen them on her blog at Life is a Stitch & Random thoughts that make you smile.  (there is also directions on her blog so I am just going to let you check her out)

Anyways, I have made over a hundred of these little things. I even have my mom and grandmother doing them, crazy I know. I have been seen sewing these things just about everywhere, couch, bed (I even lost a few pins), table, porch. They are so addictive so you better watch out. For my first ones I used a Moda layer cake so I have 42 of them in the freebird print. They are pretty cute, I cut 42 brown blocks to go with them. But no matter what way I divided that it wouldn't work out well for me, so when I stumbled upon more Freebird fabric at a local quilt shop I picked up more to make two more squares to go with that one.

Around here if fabric is not used within six months of purchasing it becomes fair game. This is my rule, my mom and my sister (who might just be added to the list) dislike this rule. But I feel if it isn't used they have forgot about it so why not use it. Well after looking for more squares that I could easily stitch up (no cutting before hand stitching) I found some red and grey charm squares which I am sure were purchased for something that was never made.  So I started folding and sewing and had a good amount done when I got the look and was questioned on where I got them. Once all these were done I figured why not make them into a cute candle rug? This is actually going to be a gift for someone that has done a lot last year for me.
So you see the two rows that have been sewed together? Those are my baby bow ties, here in Ohio people tend to be big Ohio State Fans so that is where the scarlet and grey come from. I choose not to add any OSU fabric so the lady will be able to leave it out longer. Then loaded it on the long arm and quilted away.

An up close of the bow ties, aren't they the cutest thing ever? Now go and find some fabric so you can make some too!

Check back soon I will be posting a pattern I made and can't stop making these quilts, I think I'm number five! 

Friday, January 6, 2012


So we had some banana's laying around for a while now, they were all brown and I'm pretty sure no one would want to eat them. So after thinking I remembered a few years ago that I had made banana-strawberry bread. It was yummy so we picked up some strawberries at the grocery, which were fresh and taste wonderful. Then with a little google search I found the recipe at After some help from two cute little boys who thought that Aunt Lou needed them we got everything in a bowl together. I must add if you have little people helping you that like strawberries watch out they tend to come up missing.

A few notes on what I didn't put in my muffins/bread or what you can do to make it easier.
  • When greasing the loaf pans used the old fashioned crisco and flower instead of the spray. The juice from the strawberries makes the bread stick to the loaf pan

  • I didn't put the nuts in my muffins and bread because I just don't care for them.