Monday, January 9, 2012

Do you bow tie?

I went before Christmas to visit a friend for reasons other than sewing but while I was there I asked about her bow ties. I had seen them on her blog at Life is a Stitch & Random thoughts that make you smile.  (there is also directions on her blog so I am just going to let you check her out)

Anyways, I have made over a hundred of these little things. I even have my mom and grandmother doing them, crazy I know. I have been seen sewing these things just about everywhere, couch, bed (I even lost a few pins), table, porch. They are so addictive so you better watch out. For my first ones I used a Moda layer cake so I have 42 of them in the freebird print. They are pretty cute, I cut 42 brown blocks to go with them. But no matter what way I divided that it wouldn't work out well for me, so when I stumbled upon more Freebird fabric at a local quilt shop I picked up more to make two more squares to go with that one.

Around here if fabric is not used within six months of purchasing it becomes fair game. This is my rule, my mom and my sister (who might just be added to the list) dislike this rule. But I feel if it isn't used they have forgot about it so why not use it. Well after looking for more squares that I could easily stitch up (no cutting before hand stitching) I found some red and grey charm squares which I am sure were purchased for something that was never made.  So I started folding and sewing and had a good amount done when I got the look and was questioned on where I got them. Once all these were done I figured why not make them into a cute candle rug? This is actually going to be a gift for someone that has done a lot last year for me.
So you see the two rows that have been sewed together? Those are my baby bow ties, here in Ohio people tend to be big Ohio State Fans so that is where the scarlet and grey come from. I choose not to add any OSU fabric so the lady will be able to leave it out longer. Then loaded it on the long arm and quilted away.

An up close of the bow ties, aren't they the cutest thing ever? Now go and find some fabric so you can make some too!

Check back soon I will be posting a pattern I made and can't stop making these quilts, I think I'm number five! 

Friday, January 6, 2012


So we had some banana's laying around for a while now, they were all brown and I'm pretty sure no one would want to eat them. So after thinking I remembered a few years ago that I had made banana-strawberry bread. It was yummy so we picked up some strawberries at the grocery, which were fresh and taste wonderful. Then with a little google search I found the recipe at After some help from two cute little boys who thought that Aunt Lou needed them we got everything in a bowl together. I must add if you have little people helping you that like strawberries watch out they tend to come up missing.

A few notes on what I didn't put in my muffins/bread or what you can do to make it easier.
  • When greasing the loaf pans used the old fashioned crisco and flower instead of the spray. The juice from the strawberries makes the bread stick to the loaf pan

  • I didn't put the nuts in my muffins and bread because I just don't care for them.