Friday, February 10, 2012

We have gone to the dogs

Around here we are very found of dogs, I must say we have lots of different breeds but we have settled on our favorite. The Golden Retriever, this dog is great with young children and a true friend for life. In the fall I had asked to get a puppy and was told that I had to wait til spring. If you are from Ohio you know we have been experiencing spring like weather here (I used that to my benefit). I am a frequent Craigslist browser and often look at the pet section. Well I found some Golden Retriever puppies that needed to be re homed. I forwarded to Mom so she could check it out, the next morning I asked her about it and she suggested I call to find out the price because they are usually a very expensive dog. A phone call later I found out that they were only $250, a great deal for a pure breed golden. So she agreed that I could have a puppy BUT I had to have dad agree that I could have it. The day seem to take forever but at dinner I asked Gus (dad) if I could have a puppy. Of course the first answer was NO! I asked why not and he went on to give me a long winded reason why. So I finished dinner and went back to crafting. Then I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask another 50 billion times, in the end I think he got tired of me asking and said "well it is up to your mother". So the next morning I called on the way to the hospital for eye surgery, with some nice words I got the man to hold my puppy until Wednesday for pick up. I woke up at 8:45 which is way early for me got ready to go pick up the puppy.

So with out further  typing I introduce Maggie Mae, She was born on January 2.

She loves to chew on things as you can see. We are hoping that she turns darker golden as she grows older. Both of her parents are Red Golden.

Chewing some more, but hey what can I say. At least I know enough to use the bathroom outside instead of in the house. At five weeks I think that is pretty good.

This is my big sister Kylie, she isn't very sure of me. At first I thought that she was my mom not my sister, oops on my part.

I do like to run, you should see me in this white stuff that is falling outside right now. It is more like a slip and slide.

Maggie is a great addition to our doggie family here. She is making herself at home and doing a great job on using the potty outside. I must say at only 5 weeks old she is a pretty smart puppy.

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