Thursday, September 13, 2012

A funny story, at least to me

So we all had to learn how to sew at some point right? I started sewing when I was a wee little one at the side of my mother and grandmother. From there I went onto sew with 4-H, as a cloverbud they allowed us to do a special project where we did an applique on a t-shirt then made something to coordinate. For years afterwards I made multiple outfits from pj's to a prom gown. Anyways about six years ago I got a sister in law that had "a small amount" of sewing knowledge. She just delivered her third little boy and needed something to do in her spare time.  A few years ago probably four or five her and I both got the same sewing machine, mine was wore out within a year or so hers was still in the packing. When she decided to start sewing again she came over to our sewing studio and used our Janome Magnolia machines. After getting her first quilt done she felt confident enough to sew at home. She gathered all her growing stash and headed home, soon after I received a text asking the make and model of my sewing machine. Once I explained to her she needed to wait for Mom and I to go with her to get a new machine we was happy. After talking to her about what was wrong with her machine we found out NOTHING was wrong. It was the fact that my dear sister in law had gotten use to the start stop button on our machines and was unable to make her machine which requires a foot pedal to make it go. After hearing this I laughed for a good 15 minutes or so, then got thinking I wonder if I could use a foot pedal on my machine? Maybe I should dig it out of the storage and try it, but who am I kidding I could do better things than sort a whole bunch of stuff out. 

Yesterday at quilt guild we started a round robin strips and strings quilt. I had to cut 20 blocks and put two strips between 3/4 and 2 inches of fabric on them. From there they were all pressed open. I did finish the two blocks that either had to be done now or later. My blocks are done in some bright colors but it will be adorable after my 9 quilting buddies get done with it in 9 months. At guild yesterday there was this great book introduced 10 minute blocks by Suzanne McNeill. 

After studying the book all last night and half the day today I got out my last Moda layer cake. It seemed a lot easier than cutting more fabric since there were three of us sewing today in the studio. All I had to do was go to JoAnn Fabrics and get a border fabric that went with the Valentine's Day Line. Now the front of my quilt is done!!! It is by no means perfect but I gave it a try and now I know what areas I need to work on. This might become my new chair quilt aka one to cover up when it is cold in our house because it is now fall. 

I am debating on adding the triangle blocks to the center of the quilt. Means more studying of the book to find out what I have to take out to add them. But all and all it turned out pretty cute I think and it is for sure out of my color box!!! This quilt will also have to go into hiding from my sister in law because she thinks it is very cute. 

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