Friday, August 26, 2011

Skirts with pink, skirts with ruffles and skirts with polka dots!

If you noticed around here it has been all about skirts. I'm not sure where this kick came from as it is not an always item that is needed in my wardrobe. Each skirt has about an hours worth of time put into it, and of course each are different. I will be taking better pictures as soon as I can get someone to take them with me wearing the skirts.

This skirt is made with fabric from our new hobby lobby. The fabric is from the Brother's Sisters line. I must admit when I picked this fabric I was not sure if I would even like the skirt when I made it. I was actually thinking about making it into a quilt instead. But anyways, there was a total of 3 yards of fabric used between the skirt fabric and the trim (polka dots). I did have extra of both left as I choose not to make the skirt floor length. This skirt has a small panel that is 14 inches in the front with a ruffle put into it as you can see. The waste band is made with elastic so it can be adjusted as needed.

This skirt is made with a panel type material that I got at Joann Fabrics for $2.00 a yard, I used two panels because I prefer fuller skirts. It was completed with French seams which look great. The fabric was very slippery when sewing it, it has multiple colors of pink in it along with black stripes. The waste band is elastic so it can be adjusted if needed.

This skirt is my favorite out of all them, this was the second fabric I had picked out from Hobby Lobby. The fabric was $4.98 a yard and there were 3 yards purchased. This skirt is not quite as full as the other two as I only used 1 3/4 yard for the actual skirt. If I would do it over again I would use the whole 2 yards just as preference. This skirt also is made using french seams and an elastic waste. The bottom of the skirt has a ruffle added to it, which I could of swore would be the death of me when I was making it. When I looked up purchasing a skirt like this one online they were priced between $65 and $90 a piece. I must say my less than $20 skirt sounds alot better.

I think my next venture will be making a pair of pj pants for my upcoming surgery. I am not a fan of the hospital gowns so as soon as I'm in my room I put on my own clothes. I would love to have a pair of Capri's that are actual Capri's on me. Maybe even add a ruffle to them.

Of course I have quilts that I'm working on, maybe I will be able to push myself away from the clothes making for a while as one is a gift for in two weeks and I havn't even started it yet.

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