Saturday, February 12, 2011


I got my first comment! Thanks Debbie, I feel very special! and since you were the first ever to comment on my blog I will have to bring you a special treat next time your at the LQS!   I know have figured out this is not the Debbie from the lqs and have gotten in contact with the correct Debbie. Note to self don't blog when your tired!

Now if I could get some followers I would be doing great!

Please bear with me, we sold our house and our family is moving in a couple different directions so there is a lot going on around here.

While I'm taking some time to get everything in the right place go over and visit Deb at my life is a stitch !

Please go check out Debbie (1st commenter)'s blog! now that I have this all straight!

Just a funny note, I did not do spell check when I first posted this.... big oops!


  1. Please send ma an email at debbiesther @ so that I may write to you privately. Your email address is not in your profile. Thanks!

  2. Oops on me, too! I meant to write me and not ma!