Friday, February 25, 2011

Starry Nights Block of the Month

Hi, hope everyone is doing well! Did you miss me? I know I have missed sewing, but today I went and dug out my dear friend Maggie and got to work on my block of the month from  Always In Stitches (will be referred to as LQS). I choose to go with the red white and blue blocks as this is a type I would not normally do! 

This picture shows the pattern that you can get from the LQS along with the thangles I used to make my triangle blocks.

I laid out my blue and red strips and laid my thangles on top. I used pins to hold them down so they would not slip. I then sewed on the correct lines. Once I was done sewing them I cut them apart.

I pressed open all my squares and also made the four blue and white squares needed for the block. These are very simple to do with the thangles which they sell at the LQS!

I then took the blocks and laid them out following the pattern that was given! Once they were laid out I sewed each row together then pressed them well. Then I sewed the rows together.

This is the finished block with the borders, which I must say finish it!

Please feel free to contact Always In Stitches at 614 539 7845 if you would like to join in on the fun!


  1. Nice to see you're having fun, Lynnsey. Nice work.

  2. Thanks! I really am impressed I finished one BOM, I usually give them away or have someone else (grandma) do them for me :)