Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hi its me again!

What I have been up to!

This picture is horrible, but it was late and I wanted to share with everyone! If you look closely you will see all the binding isn't even on yet. The best part is this whole quilt which measures 96" long and 60" wide, this fits my day bed perfect. This whole quilt only cost me $55.00 to do, that includes backing, batting and such.

This is a signature quilt that my mother and I did for a 4-H'er in our group. This is her senior year in high school and she will be going away to school. Now all of her friends and loved ones will be able to sign the quilt and she will have them with her when she is away from home!

I have a new pattern that I will be sharing soon that involves applique and sunflowers (of course they are one of my favorite)

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